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Digital Minilab QSS 2901

The Noritsu QSS-2901 had it's first showing in the UK at Focus on Imaging in February 2001 at the NEC Birmingham.

It is an incredibly versatile digital minilab which provides speedy digital processing of data from multiple image sources and prints.
With a versatile digital minilab like the QSS-2901 Digital, the input and output possibilities are practically endless.

Other than boasting a considerably higher print capacity than the 3000 & 3001, the 2901 is capable of printing up to 12R as well, something which the 3000 & 3001 couldn’t achieve.

Digital Minilab QSS 3000
The QSS 3000 digital laser printer provides for the most affordable digital minilab. With its 675 prints/hour capacity & a maximum print size of 8R, it would be an asset to your photography businessStandard Accessories:

Digital Minilab QSS 3001
A "brother" to QSS 3000 with very similar specs, the 3001 comes equipped with a larger print capacity of 1160 prints/hour.
“A Real Winner”
The Noritsu QSS-3001 has proved to be a real winner where space and cost are important factors. It is a compact, fully digital minilab, equipped with a laser exposure system that utilises Noritsu's unique multi-paper matching technology to produce high quality prints at 320dpi on both standard and digital paper. The small, yet powerful, QSS-3001 Digital has a capacity of approximately 32 rolls per hour and a footprint of just 1.39m2

Digital Minilab QSS 3101
The highest print capacity in its class, the 3101 is capable of producing 2369 prints/hour with its brilliant technology. 12R photos can easily be printed with this minilab. QSS-3101-1 & 3102 Digital delivers high precision prints at high speeds. This high perfomance lab system offers a diverse range of photo services.
• High Performance
• High Quality
• Easy Operation
• Networking Ability

QSS-3201 Series
Choose these printers if you want to capture large panoramic images and print them. Though not as fast as the 3101 in producing prints, these printers can generate output up to 305x914 mm. Also come with optional triple magazine system to reduce the hassle of frequently changing to different paper sizes.

QSS-32 series is the new line of digital minilabs with exciting new features and an open architecture, which enables network construction. The wide range of machines available in this series enables the choice of capacity and features to match individual demand for photofinishing services.
• High Capacity
• High Speed Scanning
• New Digital Print Services with Jumbo Panorama Prints